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Feb. 4, 2021

2020 was quite the Journey of a year. 

You had to be some kind of Hero to survive it, haha!

I'm happy to announce I'm in the studio right now working on new music.  What's shaping up to be my first single of 2021 (clip above) is called 'In My Bones'.

When I start writing a new piece of music it starts off as just that, music only.  Lyrics and song title come after I've made a good chunk of the music.  I had this song title idea for a while, and there's a number of things a song called 'In My Bones' could be about.  

I feel like this song is about - well - all this crazy shit going down in the world right now.  And how I feel in my bones, somehow, it'll all work itself out to humans becoming a stronger, more heart centered species after the dust settles.

After the dust settles... theres a song idea.  :)

Stay tuned for new music!

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- CC

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*Sound On* 🎧👇 In My bones- new single coming soon!