Inspired by high vibes, the 80s, New Earth, new wave, new age & 5d consciousness... 

Colin Cayvz makes 432hz-tuned synth, piano & guitar based pop-rock music.  Even sometimes embedding World elements in his tracks, as he cites Enigma as a big influence. 


His obsession with the 80's (particularly 80's rock, new wave & pop) and his fascination with new earth & metaphysics all have a way of seeping into his music.

The synth rocker's songs can be considered to be full on compositions as no instrument is safe from being used and abused in a Cayvz track.


"No sound or subject is off limits in my music."

When he's not making music, Colin enjoys reading, talking business & finance, connecting with his higher self, occasionally consuming fine cocktails & (more occasionally) reefer, lifting weights & the company of cool ass people. 


As well, Mr. Cayvz enjoys other activities like daily walks, hiking in nature, road trips to anywhere & late nights on the town. 


He's also an 80's horror buff.  He playfully asserts, "Freddy's my boy!"

With a wide range of musical & other influences, you never know what left or right turn a Colin Cayvz track will take.  It could be mystical & other worldly.  Lovely & piano-laden.  Hard rocking & face melting.  Or it could groove you in the shadows of the night. 


But one thing's for sure - it's a tasty treat anyway you swing it.

Colin currently lives on the outskirts of fabulous Las Vegas, NV with his girlfriend & family.