Inspired by high vibes, the 80s, new age, new wave & The Great Awakening [#WWG1WGA]... 

Colin Cayvz creates music and shares content with his AMAZING and always growing audience to ensure he does his part in assisting humanity during this process of great change.  Which is, indisputably, the greatest time in history to be alive...To witness and be a part of the changing of the guard, as it were.

Colin couldn't be more thrilled to spend his day to day spreading the word of spiritual ascension & conspiracy facts through music, words and video content.

Putting aside his initial purpose to be just a recording artist with no distinct message... except for drama, fun and 80's nostalgia... the artist known as Colin Cayvz decided to blend his burning curiosity of the spiritual connection to The Great Awakening and the goings on in our world the last few years... 


...with 80s inspired, cosmic synthpop music with a rock & new age twist. 


To further assist in helping raise the frequency of the planet, all of Colin's music is tuned to 432hz as of the making of The Mummers' Dance.  (go to YouTube and look up the Schumann Resonance to find out why Colin's music is tuned to 432hz, as opposed to Hitlerian industry standard of 440hz).  

In addition to making music, esotericism & sharing truth... the new age synthpopster also enjoys hiking in nature, traveling by road trip, breathing in that good ass prana (shoutout to Ralph Smart), excellent water slides, laughing his a$$ off, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

A supporter of President Donald Trump, Colin Cayvz resides in Las Vegas, NV.


His debut full length album is coming soon!

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