Inspired by high vibes, the 80s, New Earth, new age, new wave & 5d... 

Colin Cayvz makes hi vibe 432hz esoteric pop/rock music, videos and shares hi vibe 5d content with his amazing and always growing audience.  He can't help but let his fascination with new earth ascension & metaphysics seep into his music.  The middlepath way of living is well represented in the esoteric pop/rock he produces from his home studio in Las Vegas, NV.

The synthpop/rocker's songs can be considered to be full on compositions as no instrument is safe from being used and abused in a Cayvz track. 


"No sound or subject is off limits in my music."

With a wide range of musical & other influences, you never know what left or right turn a Colin Cayvz track will take.  It could be mystical & other worldly.  Lovely & piano-laden.  Or it could dance in the mist & shadows of the night.  But one thing's for sure - it's a tasty treat anyway you swing it.

His debut EP is coming soon!

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