Born summer of ’83 in New Mexico, then transplanting to Vegas, Colin’s been singing & performing since he was 4 years old.



Raised mostly by his music-loving mom, while also spending time with his #80’s cover-band fronting father..


..Colin grew up listening’ to all types of music from Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses & the Cars to more synth based music like Tears For Fears and instrumental artists like John Carpenter and Enigma..  which all reflect in his own music.


The juicy & versatile sounds of #synthesizers tickled his fancy from an early age.  So much so that his dad finally got him a little Casio so he could score his own home movies that he made with his friends.


Colin sang only as a hobby throughout his teens.. but when he hit 22 he wanted to crack his reclusive shell and so he put up an ad at the local music store looking to form a hard rock band, which he would front as lead singer for 3 years before they finally broke up.  


That outfit, called Siamese Graffiti, never recorded any official record due to inexperience & lack of guidance.. 


..but writing songs & playing over 100 live gigs gave Colin the confidence to start writing his own solo music..


..which led him to the creating the Colin Cayvz project.


In addition to music, after battling depression throughout his late teens and 20’s, the now #synthpop master began reading non-fiction self help books by authors like the late Wayne Dyer and began learning about #spirituality, the Law of Attraction & self development.



After a couple of false unclear starts, he discovered his true passions..


..creating both music as a solo artist & spoken word content in which his overall goal is to inspire and help others uplift themselves by offering them quality music, and tools & wisdom that continues to help him light up the once dark path of his journey in this life & times of the #GreatAwakening.

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