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A Full Moon Lights a Snow Covered Vegas

There’s a blanket of snow & a plate moon casting light on the dim outskirts of Vegas this week….

And its stunning cause It never snows in Las Vegas!

As I continue writing music and bouncing around ideas in my head, these surroundings are damn inspiring.

In Vegas, it’s blistering hot & dry for 6 months out of the year. And I tend to go against the grain, so maybe that’s why I crave dark imagery and clouds so’s against the Vegas norm.  lol

I think we’re gonna go to the strip pretty soon to do a photo (& probably video) shoot some photos around Citycenter.  It’s very Blade Runner ‘cyberpunk’ around that area of the strip.. with towering sloping, futuristic looking structures and high rises..  exciting!  I can't wait to show you the photos we get from there!

Anywho, I should have a new song out sometime in March.

I’m working on one right now that’s inspired by the Lost Boys soundtrack.. though, it’s 

not a cover, it’s an original. 

But I AM releasing a cover before the new original tune. I’ll make an announcement about that soon!



photo by Justin Massongill


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