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New single TBA early January!

It's been a little while since I've released anything new... and frankly, I'm sick of it!

So, I'm working daily in the studio hammering out new material. There should be a fresh single/video combo ready for you in time for the first part of 2019.

I'm excited to bring you something fresh, yet not so clean.

Something shiny, pristine, and new... yet, grimey, old, and a little dirty. If you don't mind your synthpop with a smidge of dark, then stick around.

I have such (aural) sights to show you. ;)

PS: I'm planning a full album release for 2019, too. Coming out first half of the year, or before. With multiple videos, singles... and other goodies to go along with it.

A full fledged, proper release.

So, stay tuned, friends. You won't be disappointed.